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(SP) Surf Protection
"We Secure People, Data, & Technology"
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     Surf Protection is a private IT Security consulting firm dedicated to help Internet users
    improve and achieve security while using computers, and other digital devices. We
    provide clients with security consulting advice (i.e. How to secure your wireless
    network), or free security products (Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls) to
    help protect people, systems, and data from online threats. Surf Protection helps
    translate IT security issues to consumers and business professionals in a clear concise
    manner, giving you options to limit and avoid your exposure to malicious software
    attacks, lost of data due to hardware failure, spam attacks, identity theft, and
    business account takeover.

    We also provide Tech Support for infected or compromised computer systems for both
    home & business users. If you are experiencing computer problems or slow downs, let
    our security professionals investigate the problem and offer plain-English explanations
    to your computer or network problems. Customers report finding value in Surf 
    Protection services by having better insight into what is happening on their computers
    or networks, and being better prepared to handle a computer system outage or
    business disruption.

    When you make the proactive move to Surf Protection, we will ask a few basic
    questions regarding your data and business use. Below is a sample of what we
    are looking for:


What data do you value most on your computers?

    What data and features can you NOT go with out?

    What are your primary concerns?

    How can we help you achieve your goals?

Call: (319) 450-5174    Email:

(SP) Surf Protection
"We Secure People, Data, & Technology"